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What services are provided by Peak Construction? We build custom homes and light commercial. We also specialize in tenant finish, house renovations, pop-tops, home remodeling and scrape-and- build projects.

Where do you build? We build across the entire Front Range, including Denver County, Douglas County, Jefferson County, Arapahoe County, as well as the mountain Counties of Summit and Park. You can visit recent projects in Parker, Castle Rock, Roxborough Park, Golden, Evergreen, Denver and Englewood.

What sets Peak apart? We help our customers achieve immediate built-in value through our proven Building Management Program, where all management fees are established up front. There are no hidden markups or fees tacked on to the actual cost. You always know (and pay) the true price.

You benefit directly from cost savings as they are realized throughout construction.

What is the square foot cost of building a custom home or project? There is no set square foot price because each home or project is unique.

Here are some things that will affect the square foot cost of your home: complexity of design; site conditions; proximity to utilities; amenities selected; percolation of site if septic system is required; square footage; building materials used; ceiling heights, and number of stories.

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How do you proceed with the Architectural Planning and Design steps? The opportunity to influence cost and save money on your home or project is during the planning and design stage. After that, money can only be spent. Once your budget is established, we provide you with a detailed, computerized cost program that is continuously reviewed. Construction techniques and materials throughout the planning and drafting of your new home are carefully monitored. This assures the most cost-effective methods to maximize the value of your investment; we guarantee that what you start with on the drawing board will stay in budget during the construction stage.

Peak Construction has strong working relationships with numerous architectural firms in the area, or we can work with an architect you have chosen. We stay actively involved in the process throughout the design stage to give critical design and budgeting advice, so the architect and builder are working in tandem, ensuring there are no cost overruns. As the plans are being drawn, we check pricing to assure the end design meets your anticipated budget. We then provide a fixed cost construction price that ensures there will be no surprises at completion of the project.

How long does construction take? The design process takes approximately 4-6 weeks. Permitting time takes approximately 3 weeks. Construction time usually takes approximately 6-8 months, sometimes longer, depending on the complexity of design, material and labor availability and weather conditions.

What price range are most of your homes and commercial projects? We have built  homes starting at $375,000 and up to 8 million dollars, and commercial tenant improvement starting at $15K. Once we provide you with the final budget, you can be guaranteed of that same price, unless YOU decide to make changes.

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Why should I hire a general contractor and not contract with individual specialists myself? Building a custom construction project is an inherently problematic and stressful task. One of the biggest challenges is foreseeing all of the potential problems and, in jobs with many different trades, making sure that every different task has been covered in at least one subcontractor’s scope of work. This coordination should be left to someone with a very high level of experience and the ability to visualize and communicate to the subcontractors the flow of the building process and the immediacy of all deadlines. Peak Construction prides itself in its management expertise.

Do you build semi-custom homes or can I use my own plans? You may be able to modify existing floor plans, provide your own floor plans or use our builder plans that can be modified to suit. Of course, this depends on the topography of the land. We offer plans to fit a wide variety of lot sizes and topography, Often, we can redesign a set of plans to fit your needs, yet conform to building codes.

Will I need a down payment? No, contrition costs are paid on completed work, unless the project is a design/build job.

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I have a low bid from another builder. How do I compare? Your decision to hire one builder over another should not rest solely on price. In fact, there are several other criteria that are more important: style, finishes and features of the home, the site conditions and the type of contract you want to use for construction.

Bids by competitive builders are difficult to read and compare, and you have to ensure that the bids are based on identical specifications using the same quality of materials. Most importantly, you will need to consider the quality of the workmanship offered by each builder.

Remember, the low bid signifies the cheapest builder you can find, and it is possible that that builder will not be the cheapest when construction is done. More important than cost is the builder's reputation, professionalism, experience, competence and warranty coverage.

Another important consideration is your personal compatibility with your builder. Building a custom home or commercial project can be a stressful experience, and the better relationship you have with your builder, the easier it will be.

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Can you provide an estimate? Yes. We prefer to conduct a phone conversation to discuss your vision; then we meet you at the lot you are considering to evaluate setbacks, topography, etc. At that point, we can provide a “ballpark estimate." A detailed estimate and budget involves several more meetings.

What questions should I ask when I call a potential contractor’s references? How much longer did the project take than you were told?

Were the schedule delays due to lack of specifications by the owner, design changes or weather, or were they due to poor planning and execution?

How much more did the project cost than you had budgeted for?

Also, you MUST make sure any contractor you consider has: a current and valid license for the correct license category, active worker's compensation insurance to protect you in the event that a worker is injured on the job, and commercial general liability insurance to protect you from any catastrophic events that could potentially occur during the course of construction.

Do you have references? Yes. We will be glad to send you a list of homeowners, suppliers and banking references.

Are you licensed and insured? Absolutely. We carry a 2 million-liability policy and require a 2 million policy of our trades as well. We carry a license in every county and city in which we work.

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How do I get financing? We have excellent relationships with lenders that provide construction/permanent loans and will help you every step of the way, or you can use a lender you have selected. Before meeting with your lender, we provide you with a detailed, computerized cost program designed to meet your budget requirements.

Because your new home will be designed and built around your budget, you and your lender can depend on the cost program for its accuracy. You will have peace of mind knowing that your budget will not be exceeded due to unexpected cost overruns. We can even provide you with a market analysis of your current home.

Can you help me find land? We have an in-house licensed realtor who specializes in land, or we can work with an agent you have selected. See our link to full-service real estate.

Does Peak use green construction practices? We incorporate optimum site selection, material efficiency, energy efficiency and site protection when building.  At Peak, we are happy to recommend green and environmentally sound products, however, green building is to date more costly, so green applications may be traded off against standard applications in light of budget.

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I live in another state; can you work with out of state homeowners? We have built homes for many out- of-state homeowners. We have an efficient selection process and we provide daily consultations, video and photos for your peace of mind as well as to expedite the building process.

What are Change Orders? Change orders represent an increase or decrease in cost because something has been added or deleted by you, the client. Both parties, in writing, agree to change orders before the work is started.

How soon do I need to pick out all the products and finishes for my project? If you would like your project to run smoothly, on schedule and on budget, then you want to have these decisions made before construction starts. If you don’t mind paying more and having the project take longer than you thought, then you can decide as you go along. We strongly advise you choose your products and finishes beforehand; however, we are flexible and willing to make changes as needed during construction.

How do I get started? Initially, we will call you for a phone consultation, and then schedule a time to meet and discuss your vision or specifications. There is no charge for these meetings. One of the most important decisions you will have to make is hiring a builder. It is a good idea to hire a builder early in the process - even before you have picked a lot or a design for the house. The process of building a house is so complex that help from a professional builder in site selection, home design and outlining written specifications can avoid costly mistakes.

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I have completed the preliminary meetings, and I trust Peak Construction is the right builder. What is next? You will be asked to execute a Custom Home Design Agreement and make an earnest deposit. In summary, this agreement retains Peak Construction to perform particular and specific tasks prior to construction. Essentially, it is the starting point of the design process. The agreement details the responsibilities and obligations of both the homebuyer and of Peak Construction.

Can I visit some of your recently completed projects? Yes, please, feel free to call our office for a list of exterior projects you may view.

Where can I get more information about homebuilding and the design and build process? A few online publications to visit are:

A few online publications to visit are:

Builder on Line

Housing Zone

Custom Home online



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