The new bath is a “resort bath”

the new bath

In this uncertain economic climate, homeowners are focusing on making their homes comfortable retreats where they can escape from the hectic pressures of day-to-day life. One of the current trends in bath remodeling is the spa bathroom, complete with heated floor and towel bars, saunas, and steam showers.  Homeowners are spending more time at home Read More >

Foundation Creativity


As the old adage goes, “a solid foundation for a solid future!” Often, when people think of a home foundation, they visualize a large flat piece of concrete with rebar protruding.  However, many new residential foundations look quite different. The topography of the land below the slab often dictates complicated engineering modifications in the home Read More >

Home Builders – Understanding the difference between a Custom Builder, a Spec Builder and Tract Builders (also called Production Builders)

custom vs spec

In the building industry, there are several different types of homebuilders. Often, the terms custom homebuilder, tract home builder and spec home builder are used, so it’s difficult to understand what type of builder you need for your home or project. Below, are some thoughts on the differences between builders.. Custom Home Builders are generally Read More >

Doubling Up

Doubling up Multi Generation House

Many custom homes adapt to today’s economy by doubling-up or cutting space! The number of Americans who are now living with extended family is increasing and many new homes are re-designed to accommodate multiple generations in today’s economy. Adding self-contained suites to multi-generational homes enables families to be close while retaining a greater degree of Read More >

Concrete thinking

beautiful modern house in cement, interior, living room

There are a myriad of new finishes available in concrete, including stains and integral color, various textures, such as acid-wash or aggregate, and different stamped patterns. The “bottom line” is concrete is one of the most versatile materials available today.  Concrete is used outdoors for patios, driveways, walkways, freestanding walls and retaining walls, as well Read More >

Demystifying Building Permits, Construction Codes & Inspections

QUESTION: How can you be sure that your contractor will build a solid, sound structure that doesn’t cause health or safety problems? ANSWER: Building Codes! Building homes and construction projects is a complicated process. To ensure that a new or remodeled building complies with municipal and state codes, ordinances and zoning regulations, a building inspector, Read More >

Tips to Create a Networked Home


There are a few things to consider before building your home, such as what types of networks you’d like. With today’s “smart homes,” long gone are the days when all you had to worry about was putting in a telephone and cable TV jack in every room. The modern home might have high definition TVs Read More >

Considerations that Help a Project Run Smoothly

In building and renovation, few rules hold true all the time.  However, a number of useful notions lead to predictable outcomes most of the time.  Unfortunately, many of these notions are forgotten when we concentrate on making ideal decisions throughout the course of the work. We lose sight of how each decision relates to the Read More >